1 - Layout Settings

  • When the Boxed layout box is check, a padding will be added around the main wrapper
  • Custom section padding: Insert the values in order of Top - Right - Bottom - Left (clockwise motion) and separate them using a blank space.
  • Column grid layout: To divide the section width for each column, insert the values in percent unit for the 1st block to the 2nd, 3rd... ones and separate them using blank spaces.
  • Item spacing field is used to add spaces between content blocks. You need to insert values in px unit and separate them using blank spaces.
  • All fields above can be set individually for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Please refer to this post to learn how to input your values efficiently.

2 - Adding Content

  • Menu: To add a custom menu
  • Information: To add your brand's information
  • Newsletter: To setup newsletter subscription feature
  • Text 1 & Text 2 will be displayed as Heading & Subheading
  • Choose the platform that suit your need with the Form type drop-down box then paste the Form URL into the blank field below

Guide for MailChimp

Guide for Klaviyo 

  • Use SVG link to insert your store supported payment method's logos
  • [+] Color style: To modify the display style for all blocks

How to input values for specific fields