1- Layout Settings

  • When the Boxed layout box is check, a padding will be added around the main wrapper
  • To adjust the background and text color, drag their picker to the color you need or simply insert the color hex code
  • Column grid layout: To divide the section width for each column, insert the values in percent unit in order from left column to the right one
  • Column grid spacing field is used to add spaces between columns. You need to insert values in px unit and it can be different on different devices

2 - Border Settings

  • There are 02 types of border for the announcement bar, one to separate the columns which in the same line, one at the bottom of the section
  • The elements which can be modified are
  • Border color
  • Border opacity
  • Border size (for the bottom one)

3 - Adding Content

Use the [+] Item Content tickets to add main content for your section and use the Column ones to separate content into individual blocks


  • Alignment: type down your option among left, right and center.
  • Block visibility: Insert 1 if you want it to show or 0 to hide
  • The values above can be set differently for different devices

[+] Item Content

There are 04 types of content which can be added in this section

  • Text: Use the Content field to input your paragraph
  • Menu: Use the selector at the bottom to insert your menu
  • Account
  • Language & Currency

How to insert values for specific fields