1 - General Settings

  • Site layout mode has 02 options
  • Boxed: Add a padding around the main wrapper
  • Wide: Page's full width

Note: This will affect whole site but Home page

  • A list of check boxes which allow users to turn on/off specific features on the site
  • Enable Theme config section: To show product's color selection
  • Enable Announcement bar: To modify the appearance for this, please go to Announcement bar section settings

  • Enable Footer widget

  • Enable Mobile bar

  • Enable Left column: Left sidebar for Home page only

  • Enable Newsletter
  • Enable RTL: Advanced feature which will switch your normal left-to-right layout to right-to-left

  • Enable Multi currencies: Multiple currencies by Shopify is only available for stores using Shopify payments. Please refer to this document for more detailed information.

2 - Typography

Used to modify the theme font. You can set heading and body's font individually.

The elements can be set are:

  • Header font: Using google font
  • Body font: Using google font
  • Font size
  • Font weight

You can visit the font gallery here.

There are 02 ways to set the google font:

  • #1 - Insert the font name only → Freely change the font size and font weight below to match your taste.

  • #2 - Insert the font code
  • From the Google font gallery, click on the one that you like.
  • With fonts that have variable or multiple styles, you can choose more than one style and add to your store.
  • Copy the bolded text from the link and paste it in the font inserting box.
  • Since you've set its font weight when selecting styles, you can only switch between/among them.

For example font code: Dancing+Script:wght@400;600 → only font weight value 400 or 600 can be active. Other values will be disabled.

- Italic style is not supported.
- Only insert one font in each text box (Google header font & Google body font field).

3 - Color & Style

  • You will find color settings for almost whole store in this section such as
  • Main, divider, text, link, background
  • Prices & review stars
  • Breadcrumb text & background
  • Labels (Hot/New/Sale)
  • Default settings for buttons: Font size, font weight, padding, colors, border width, rounded corners

How to input values for specific fields

4 - Social Icons

There are two ways to insert an icon

  • Using Font icon or SVG
  • Font icon: Input the icon's title
  • SVG: Input the SVG link
  • Using Image

The order of icon 01-06 is Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Pinterest - Twitter Optional