Announcement Bar and Header

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Modify the Announcement Bar and Header

I. Announcement Bar

1. General Settings

- Max number of item per row: just insert a number to decide how much content you want to display in a row 

Use the color picker to change the color for:

  • Text color
  • Link color
  • Background color

Default is "Secondary color"

- Text font size: insert the numbers in pixel unit (one value applies for all interfaces, 3 or 4 values apply for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop respectively)

>>> See the clip to know clearer

2. Announcement Block

- Which content type do you use? (Rich text, Liquid content)

Add the content to the corresponding boxes that you chose above

  • Rich text
  • Liquid content

- Text alignment: type the text to align the text (eg: Left/ Center/ Right)

II. Header

1. Header

- Header style: choose a style from 2 choices

Tick the check-boxes to enable features

  • Boxed layout
  • Show Header Sticky
  • Show Header Overlay

>>> Watch the clip to see how they run

- Logo SVG: paste the Svg to the box (or you can leave it blank to display Logo image below)

- Logo image: Upload your own image or choose from the library 

Logo width: set the width for the logo in pixel unit

3. Main Menu

Select a menu: select a menu to display on the Header (you can click on the arrow to edit the recent menu)

When you edit the main menu, at the Link box, if you don't link the item to anywhere, you can type # into it.

>>> Watch the clip to see details

4. Vertical Menu

- Select a menu: choose the one to display the menu vertically

- Vertical menu title: give this menu a name to display on the Header

5. List Icon

Tick to display:

  • Show Search
  • Show Account
  • Show Wishlist
  • Show Cart

6. Custom Information

Tick to Show the custom info or untick to Hide

Type the information that you want to display into the box under

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