Top bar

For font styles and color options, please go to Theme Settings > Top bar.

Top image & Spacing

  • Top image is the banner will cover your announcement bar.
  • Spacing will help users to enlarge the distance between top bar and page's header.


To create a top bar, a Column ticket is required.

  • In here you will find the settings for the all content blocks below it such as
  • Visibility
  • Column width: 100% = Page's full width
  • Item alignment (center/left/right)
  • Padding between items


To modify the information contained in the announcement bar, click the Add content button and choose the Text block type.

  • Main content can be inserted by the Text field and you can use an Icon name to add an additional icon.
  • Countdown date let users set a countdown clock for special events. Input the date in format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Another optional field is button. Leave it blank to disable.