• Collection Filter is a special section which allows you to create filter on many levels of a collection.
  • It cannot be added more than one block.



Filter basically works based on product tags (which will be set as filters for level 2 and level 3), please insert needed tags first.

1 - Content

To add a new filter selection, click the Add collection for filter button.

  • Choose one from available collections, this is going to be filter stage 1.
  • Input the related tags of the collection above to create filter level 2 & 3. Please separate each value using semicolons.

(This means lv.1 contains all data from lv.2 and 3)

2 - Settings

  • Section visibility: Tick off the box to hide Collection Filter block on mobile view.
  • Layout mode:
  • Boxed: Add a auto padding around the main wrapper.
  • Wide: Full page width
  • Should you turn on the Attach this section option, the Collection filter will stick to the section above in the content block display.
  • Moving to the layout settings: Drag the Level of filter bar to decide how many fields would be activated and give names for each of them.