1 - Settings

  • Section visibility: Tick off the box to hide the current section on mobile view.
  • Layout mode:
  • Boxed: Add a auto padding around the main wrapper.
  • Wide: Full page width


  • After inserting your picture, use Image size and Min height field to modify the appearance.

Custom Text

  • Firstly, write down your content in Heading, Paragraph and button form then you can use other fields to start editing the texts.
  • Text position is used to change the block position (left/middle/right) and Text alignment is used for the content inside it.
  • The other elements which you are able to change are:
  • Text color
  • Text size
  • Button link

2 - Content

To add a product on the main image, click Add Product Dot.

  • Choose one of available items from your storage and use two bars above to adjust the dot position. The smaller value it has, the closer it gets to top/left margin.