Modify the Collection pages

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Collection pages

1 - Layout Settings


  • In collection pages you can insert an image and use it as a background for the breadcrumb
  • Note: Remember to switch your choice to image in Theme settings > General settings > Breadcrumb to get it shown up

  • Section layout mode has 02 options
  • Boxed: Add a padding around the main wrapper
  • Wide: Page's full width
  • To change the collection description's position, use the drop-down box and pick one among Top/Bottom or none
  • Right on top of the main content is the Sort feature and View mode selector, you can disable them by ticking off their check boxes

  • Unlike on other pages, Number of items per row/page can only be set for desktop.

Filter & Sidebar

  • To change the sidebar position, scroll down to the bottom of the settings and you'll find a drop-down box in sidebar placement section
  • When the "AND" operator is disabled, users can only pick 01 option for each filter group
  • There are 02 ways to modify the filter in collection pages: by groups or by tags
  • To set values for the group filter, please create a Filter group ticket in Content section
  • By tags: Using product tags to filter

  • Position of filter section can be on product page's sidebar or right on top of the main content (page's body)
  • With both positions, you will have specific fields for each of them such as
  • Body filter style
  • Sidebar filter style

2 - Adding Content

For sidebar

  • Sidebar - Category: To insert a menu/category

  • Sidebar - Banner: To insert a custom banner. Additional text & button available

  • Sidebar - Products: To add featured items from a selected collection

  • Sidebar - Tags: To show available tags from your store. Quantity can be limited

Other content

  • Top - banner: To put a big banner on top of the page

  • Filter group:  To add content for your filter. Input an exact variant name in the Name field and variant options in the Tags field. Use commas to separate the values
  • Filter group section's width only editable when filter position is on page body

Collection list

1 - Settings

  • All of your collections are listed by default. To customize your own list, please scroll down at the "Select type to show collections" field and switch the option to:
  • Selected: If you would like to show only the items which are chosen in the content section
  • Except: If you would like to show all collections but some selected ones
  • To use an image as breadcrumb background, kindly switch your settings to image first (Theme settings > General settings > Breadcrumb)
  • Other elements can be easily changed by using available drop-down box (Layout style) or dragging bars (Number of items per row)

2 - Adding Content

  • For people who chose Collection select type - Selected/ Except, simply click on the Add collection button then insert your item.
  • Selected type: These items will be the only ones which are able to show on you list page
  • Except type: These items will be hidden from on you list page

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