Modify Icon List + Content section

I. Section General Settings

Click on "Add section" at the bottom of the setting area to add this section

- Style: choose a style to display the icon (Horizontal/Vertical)

- Max number of item per row: insert the number to limit how many icons you want to display

- Auto play slide (in second): just type the number or use the button to adjust how many second for auto playing slides


- Adjust item text font size: insert the number to adjust the font size

- Adjust item text font weight: drag to adjust


Tick to the check boxes to enable

- Boxed layout

- Show Bottom border

- Section margin: set the margin for this whole section following the order: Top Right Bottom Left (Eg: 20px 30px 50px 30px). As always, if you want to set the different section margins for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet, you just need to add a comma between values. For example, 20px 30px 50px 30px10px 30px 50px 20px20px 40px 30px 40px - MobileTabletDesktop (After a comma, the margin will be set for another device)

- Section padding: add values with the same format with the margin

>>> More details, please view this clip

II. SVG + Content

Click on "Add SVG + Content" to create more icons. Each block will only add one icon, you need to add more blocks if you want to display many icons

- Heading: insert text to give the icon a name 

Icon type: choose a type to display the content (SVG/ Image)

SVG code: paste the svg code into the box if you choose to display icon in svg

- Image: or upload your own favourite image to display

- Image max width: this is only for adjusting the image