Modify the Gallery + Slide

I. General Settings

- Max number of item per row: set how many items will be displayed in a row (eg: 1,5 - Mobile, Desktop respectively)

- Tick to enable

  • Loop
  • Show next/prev arrows
  • Show dots

Auto play slide (in second): you can type the number or use up&down button to decide how many second that the slide will switch to the others


- Select height styles: select a type to display the image

- Manually height: you can set the height for the banner manually if you don't satisfy with the default height. (Eg: 350px,470px,600px - Mobile,Tablet,Desktop respectively)


- Heading: give the section a heading

- Heading text alignment: align the text (E.g: center, left)

- Margin

- Adjust font size: add the number to adjust the font size 

- Heading color


- Boxed layout

- Section margin

- Section padding

II. Block Settings

1. Content

- Select a banner: select an image to display as a banner

- Crop position?: this is to help you focus on displaying a specific point in the image. You can type the position (right/ left/ center) to adjust 

- Text color

- Write your content here: insert the content for text 1 and 2

- Adjust font size for content 1 & 2

- Button label: insert the text to enable the button

- Link: Select or paste an external link to attach it to the button

- Button style: click on the up&down button to choose a button style (you can see a reference on how to create your own button style at 1. Default button)

2. Product

- Select a product: choose a product to display on the gallery

- Select a banner: select an image if you want to replace the product image

Crop position

- Text color: change the color for the text by using the color picker

- Use Heading tag for product title: choose a heading style for the title on this product

- Add cart button style