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Modify Banner Column Section

I. General Settings

- Select a banner for desktop: select an image to display banner only for desktop\

- Select a banner for mobile: only display on mobile

- Banner position: choose the position to show banner (Left/ Right)

- Tick to Show Image first on mobile

- Select height styles: select a type to display the image

- Manually height: or you can manage the image height

- Crop position: Type the text (center/ left/ right) to crop the image right to the position you want (it means you type the position to focus on the object of the image)


- Text color: adjust the text color by using the color picker

- Content alignment: align the text (E.g: center, left)


- Tick to have the Boxed layout

- Section margin: set the margin for this whole section following the order: Top Right Bottom Left (Eg: 20px 30px 50px 30px). As always, if you want to set the different section margins for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet, you just need to add a comma between values. For example, 20px 30px 50px 30px, 10px 30px 50px 20px, 20px 40px 30px 40px - Mobile, Tablet, Desktop (After a comma, the margin will be set for another device)

- Section Padding: add values with the same format with the margin

- Visibility: choose Show or Hide this section on desktop or mobile.

>>> More details in this CLIP

II.Block Settings

1. Text

Click on "Add block" to add Text to the section

- Write your content here: just insert the text into the box

- Use Heading tag: choose an option to attach a heading tag to the text

- Adjust font size: fill the value to the box to adjust font size (Eg: 20px). Remember to use commas to separate the settings for different devices (Eg: 20px, 20px, 30px - Mobile,Tablet,Desktop respectively)

Adjust font weight: drag to adjust 

Text color

2. SVG + Content

- Write your content here: insert text to the box

- SVG code: paste SVG code into the box

There are 2 groups of text and its content is the same. You just need to fill the text and SVG code into the corresponding boxes

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