Action on image click

To change the way a post will show up when clicking, in the Layout tab, choose the Post Settings section.

  • There are 2 ways a post can be shown when clicking a postcard: Open in popup or Open on Instagram.

  • There is the third option “None”, the feed will not react to any action you do to each post card.

Display post elements

If you choose the Classic template, there will be a list of elements, you can pick which one will show or not appear on your posts.

Display popup elements

If you choose the “Open in Popup” option in the “Action on image click” box, there will be a list of elements, you can pick which one will show or not appear on the popup.

Carousel Controls

If you pick the Carousel Layout, the Carousel Controls section will appear. This lets you customize advanced functions especially for Carousel.

  • Slide switch:
    • Arrows control: Turn on/off left & right arrow buttons.

  • Drag control: If this option is turned on, you can hold & drag the slide to see more posts.

  • Autoplay: The system will automatically switch the slide through time. You can change switching speed and time with “Slide Switch Speed” and “Autoplay speed” down below the Autoplay button.


If the Autoplay button is turned on, arrows control and drag control will be turned off.

  • Mobile Optimization: To make your store compatible with different mobile devices.
    • Window width (px): Input mobile screen’s width. For example: iPhone X screen width is 1125px
    • Columns: Adjust how many posts per row will be displayed on mobile devices.
    • Space between Images (px): Adjust spacing/padding between 2 posts.

Image fit

To change how images fit in post cards.

  • From the Content tab, go to Settings. You will see the Image Fit section.
  • There are 6 options for you to choose from the drop-down list: Contain, Cover, Fill, None, Scale down and Unset.