Step 1: Go to Translation > Manual translate

Step 2: Select language you want to translate content

Step 3: Select resource type you want to translate content

Step 4: Translate manual for each resource

Manual translation for each field with actions:

  • Auto translate: Auto translate content (Using Google Translation API)
  • Copy text: Copy text from origin content to translation content
  • Remove translation: Use when you want to delete translation content


You can translate all the content on the page quickly by Auto translate all: 

  • Not translated: All content that are not translated
  • Translated: All content that are translated
  • All: All content whether translated or not translated


  • With the HTML, Javascript and CSS content (code type format), the system will ask for your confirm before translating
  • Translate a code format content may cause some issues for the storefront, we suggest checking again after processing

Step 5: When you're done, remember to Save all changes