1 - Header

Where you can find general settings for your site's header such as

  • Display style: Available with 05 options
  • Sticky header: Keep the header with you when scrolling down the site
  • Enable main mega menu
  • Enable sub mega menu

2 - Cart

To choose how customers view their cart with

  • Cart page

  • Drop-down

  • Drawer

3 - Section heading

To set up the default style for Heading and Subheading of sections

  • For text container
  • Margin: Insert the values in order of Top - Right - Bottom - Left and separate them with blank spaces
  • Alignment: Left/ Center/ Right
  • For text style
  • You can use the color picker to choose a color for Heading/ Subheading
  • Font size and line height can be set individually for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

How to insert values for specific fields

4 - Product

To choose the page's template as well as modify the product card appearance

  • Page template
  • Default
  • With sidebar
  • No sidebar

  • For product card settings
  • Image ratio: For the best result, we recommend using a same ratio for all photos
  • Auto crop: All images will be crop automatically to fit the chosen ratio frame
  • Show vendor
  • Hover style: 1 - normal, 2 - zoom, 3 - blur

To modify the search tool on your store

  • Search results
  • Product: Only products would show as results
  • All Products, Pages, Articles, Collections that match the search key will be displayed as results
  • Item to display: The quantity of products show up when typing on the search bar.
  • With Unavailable products (sold-out products…)
  • Show: Show with other results.
  • Hide: Hide unavailable content...
  • Last: Show at the bottom of page.
  • Total result items: Max content quantity appears on result page.