1 - ACF App Installation

To create metafields for those advanced customizations below, you'll need ACF App as a powerful assistant.

2 - ACF App Full Instruction

  • Confusing about how it works? Don't worry we have everything for you ➜ Here
  • If you still cannot find your answer, please contact us through - We're happy to get your feedback!

3 - Custom Metafields in our Demo

To modify advanced features as our demo, follow these settings to create your needed things.

  • First, create a new field in related resource

For example: If you want to add short description on product card, create a field in Products resource. 

  • Paste required settings below to the metafield form according to each specific feature then click Save
  • Go fill their content and you're done!

1. Products resource

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: countdown_timer
  • Label: Countdown Timer (input due date countdown clock)

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: description_excerpt
  • Label: Short description (on product card) -> More details

Product Recommendation Popup

More details

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: cart_suggest
  • Label: Suggestion item (show suggested items when a product is added to cart)


  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: cart_replace
  • Label: Item replace (show replacement options when a product is added to cart)

2. Collections resource


More details

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: subcollection_title
  • Label: Title (for section's title)

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: subcollection
  • Label: Collections

Highlight products

More details

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: highlight_product_title
  • Label: Title (for section's title) 

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: highlight_product
  • Label: Products