Product Recommendation Popup

Modified on Fri, 19 Feb 2021 at 02:44 PM

To enable the product suggestion/replacement recommendation pop-up when an item is added to cart.

Product suggestion

Product replacement

Step 1: Go to theme customization > Theme settings > Cart.

Switch the "action when an item added to cart" option to Show Popup.

Step 2: Install the ACF app to create additional metafields for your theme.

 You can find the app detailed instruction here.

Step 3: In the app Configuration tab, scroll down and click on Products resource to create a new field.

Step 4: Drag a Product field from Reference type and drop it into the field area, a register form will appear.

There are some sections you have to input as the rules below:

  • Namespace: c_f
  • Key: cart_suggest (for item suggestion popup) or cart_replace (for item replacement popup).

The rest of sections can be filled as your preference. You can refer to this document to learn how to fill the form.

And remember to save all changes.

- You can create both metafields above, but the system will bias the cart_replace over the other one.

Step 5: Go to product fields editor, to modify the recommendation for each item, click on the one you would like to make changes.

  • Find the fields which have added and choose related product(s).

  • For the suggestion field, multiple item can be added.
  • For the replacement field, only one item can be added.

  • When you're done, click the Save button to update data on your store.

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