To create a new Testimonials section, click Add Section > find Testimonials > Click Add button. 


1 - Settings


To modify the section layout.

  • Boxed layout:
  • Boxed: Add a padding around the main wrapper. 
  • Wide: Full width display.
  • Only full right: We recommend using this when the slider option is active.
  • Section padding: Insert values in order of clockwise motion starting from Top padding.
  • For the section background, you can fill it with color or insert an image.
  • With a bigger or smaller image, use the Background Image Fit field to adjust the image zoom.
  • Background image repeat field is used to repeat smaller image to fill the whole section.
  • When you're satisfied with the size, let's move on to the next step - choose the display position from the drop-down box.

Section heading

To modify the section heading & subheading.

  • You can add a Heading & Subheading for the section or leave it blank.
  • Custom SVG field lets you add extra SVG content in the section.
  • Modify the text Alignment: Auto/ Left/ Right/ Center.
  • Choose Heading & Subheading colors with the color picker.

Layout content

To modify the content arrangement.

  • Max number of content per row field let you set the number of contents in a row.
  • To adjust the space between 2 text boxes, fill in the Item spacing field.
  • You can change the text and background color as your preferences.

Slider settings

To modify the section slider.

  • Enable slider: Bring all posts into a slide.
  • Show arrows: Help user slides to next posts easier.
  • Show Dots: Show available pages with dots at the section bottom.

Special banner

When a Banner is not set, those 02 settings below will be disabled.

  • Column grid layout: Positioning contents of the section.
  • Column grid spacing: Add space between the banner and the testimonials.

2 - Content

Click the Add Testimonials button to create new content.

  • Insert the Author’s name of the review.
  • Review information.
  • Rating: Drag the bar to give your rating stars, from 1 to 5.

How to insert values for your theme.