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When you need to create a custom section for a specific usage, the Custom Content section will help you with your job. To create a new Testimonials, click Add Section > find Testimonials  > Click Add button.


    Click the Add Content to create a new content.

  • Select an image to display
  • Insert the Author’s name of the review.
  • Review information.
  • Rating: Drag the bar to adjust your rating stars, from 1 to 5.


        Created by 'Testimonials' section 

        Section Label: Name for this section (Testimonials)


        Tick to have the Boxed Layout

        Section margin: Insert the values in order of: Top Right Bottom Left, Eg: 10px 5px 10px 5px

        Section Padding: Insert the values in order of: Top Right Bottom Left, Eg: 20px 0px 20px 0px


        Tick to have Full section background

        For the Background section, you can modify the color, image, size, position and repeat.

        Background color: Change any color by using color picker

        Background image: Select any item to display for the background image.

        Size: Scroll down to choose the size of background: Auto/ Cover/ Contain.

        Position: Scroll down to select the background position: Left Top/ Center Top/ Right Center/ etc.

        Repeat: Scroll down to modify the background repeat: No Repeat/ Repeat/ Repeat X/ Repeat Y.

    Heading Section

        To custom style. Please add block 'Heading Style' 

        Heading & Subheading: you can add a Heading & Subheading for the section or leave it blank.

    Layout Content

        Max number of items per row: The number of items is shown on a row, Eg: 3,1 corresponding with the                     desktop, mobile.

        Spacing between items: To adjust the space between 2 text boxes, fill in the Item spacing field. Eg: 30px,             15px.

        Background, Author name & Review text colorYou can change text color for Author name, Review and Item Background by using the color picker.

        Style: Scroll down to select a style to display for the Layout content: 1 or 2

    Slider Settings

        Loop: The image slide moves and turns back the first slide.

        Controls: Show arrows to move slides easier.

        Dots: Show available pages with dots at the section bottom. 

        Autoplay: Auto-changed

        Change slide every(s): the speed move to the next slide (s), Eg: 2s

Note: Please click Save on the Top right of the screen to save the step by step that you just input.