Create tags with Tags Flow

Modified on Tue, 13 Jul 2021 at 10:45 AM

What is Tag Flow? 

Tag Flow is an app built for the Shopify platform that helps you easily organize the workflows within your store's products/customers/orders by simply adding tags for needed entities.

How to get this Tagflow app?

  1. First of all, you need to install this app in your Shopify by go to Shopify App Store, then search "Tag Flows" or you can follow this link
  2. Click on "Add app" button
  3. Login to your Shopify store
  4. Confirm App installation by clicking on "Install App"
  5. Then check out the new app! Your recently installed app will live in the App section on your Shopify Admin page

After installing successfully the app, let's get started with how to use it.

Using Tag Flows app to create tags.

Step 1Create a new workflow

First, you need to open the TagFlow app in your Shopify App menu > Click on the Create Workflow button to create a new one

Step 2: Select Resource Type

Choose an option within 3 types to add tags: Products/ Orders/ Customers

Step 3: Enter Workflow Name

In this step, you need to enter a name for the recent workflow which helps you identify it afterward.

Step 4: Select Action and Filter Type

#Action: there two options Add tag or Remove Tag

#Filter: select a type to filter the specific products which you want to add tag 

Filter by properties, Filter by metafiled, Filter by Prices


Step 5: Choose Conditions

This is up to the filter type you select in step 4, the condition will be shown differently.

If you choose Filter by properties, then the condition shows 2 options for you. You can add the tag that matches All conditions or match Any conditions (it decides the tag will match all or just the ones from this list)

You can add one or more conditions to a list by clicking on Add another condition. Also, you can add more Filters as you want with Add new filter button

Step 6: Select Tag Type

There are two Tag types: Simple Tag or Smart Tag

The difference between 2 types is

- The simple tag allows you to give an exact simple tag name you enter into the box

- The smart tag provides you some available templates to choose 

For example, you choose a simple tag type, then you just need to enter the tags into the box. To separate tags just add the comma "," between them

Note: each workflow is only allowed to have a maximum of 40 characters. So if you want to add more tags, just create more workflows with the same steps as in this instruction and you can add them all to a workflow group to identify all of them easier afterward.

Step 7: Continue

After you finish the process, click on the Continue button on the bottom right to save the workflow. Then waiting for it to complete running the process. 

To see the result, go to the Products section on your Shopify admin > All products > find the products that match the conditions you set in step 5 > go to TAGS block 

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