It’s the place to modify your theme’s general interface


App Integrations

We recommend using our app for a smoother operation.

Wishlist & Compare App

  • To add wishlist & compare function for your store, you have to install an app which supports those requests.
  • Choosing between our integrating app or Growave. We suggest using Arena one which is more compatible with the current theme.

  • Turn on/off related options:
  • Enable Wishlist
  • Enable Compare
  • Use font icons from app (Only for Arena's app)

Product review app

  • To add customer's review function for the store, you have to install an app which supports your need.
  • 04 available options: Shopify/ Loox/ Growave/ None (disable)

General Settings

1 - Static section

  • Page layout: to adjust your store page outline.
  • Boxed: An auto padding will be added around the main content.
  • Wide: Full width layout.

- Affect on every page except Home page.
- You can choose the layout for each section in its settings.

  • Enable Theme config section: For product’s color selections.

  • Enable Announcement bar

  • Enable Footer Widget

  • Enable Footer Iconbox 

  • Enable Mobile bar

2 - Collection & Product page

Set the collection & product page’s default template with available options

  • Collection page
  • With sidebar (left sidebar)
  • No sidebar
  • Infinite: Using Load more button to view more products instead of Page numbers.

  • Product page
  • Right sidebar
  • No sidebar
  • Tab information
  • Full width

3 - Recently viewed section

Appear at bottom of the product page. Let the customers see the products they've just viewed.

  • Turn on Recently viewed section by ticking on the box.
  • Max number of content per row: The total item quantity on one row.
  • Total items: The max number of products in this section.

4 - Multi languages

  • Tick off the Language codes option to show up codes which represent language's names in selection box.

Multi Currency

Set your store’s payment & currency for displaying.


There are 3 options:

  • Multiple Currencies by Shopify: this is only available for stores using Shopify Payments. Please refer to this article for more information.
  • Multiple Currencies by ArenaCommerce
  • Disable: turn off the function.

Currency flags

Choose the displayed flags shape:

  • Hidden
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circle

Price format

  • With Monetary unit: If your current currency is USD, the prices will appear as $1,000.00 USD
  • Without Monetary unit: Prices will appear as $1,000.00

Multiple currencies by ArenaCommerce

  • Write down all supported currencies by your store (using the monetary unit), add a space between 02 values to separate them.


Used to modify the theme font. You can set heading and body's font individually.

The elements can be set are:

  • Header font: Using google font
  • Body font: Using google font
  • Font size
  • Font weight

You can visit the font gallery here.

There are 02 ways to set the google font:

  • #1 - Insert the font name only → Freely change the font size and font weight below to match your taste.

  • #2 - Insert the font code
  • From the Google font gallery, click on the one that you like.
  • With fonts that have variable or multiple styles, you can choose more than one style and add to your store.

  • Copy the bolded text from the link and paste it in the font inserting box.

  • Because you've set its font weight when selecting styles, you can only switch between/among them.

For example font code: Dancing+Script:wght@400;600 → only font weight value 400 or 600 can be active. Other values will be disabled.

- Italic style is not supported.
- Only insert one font in each text box (Google header font & Google body font field).

Headings of the different sections:

  • Heading 1: Blog post heading...
  • Heading 2: Comment section heading...
  • Heading 3: Recently viewed products heading...
  • Heading 4: Product name...
  • Heading 5: Frequently bought together section heading...
  • Heading 6: Related products section heading…

Color & style

Set colors for the main theme interface. You can also find Favicon settings here.

The elements which can be set are:

Theme color & Favicon

  • Insert Favicon
  • Main color: arrows, dots, icons’... color
  • Divider color: product cards, sections... divider’s color
  • Special border color
  • Text color: Description, information text... color
  • Link color
  • Background color
  • Border radius: Rounded corners of search bar and other text inputting boxes

Shop color

Modify product’s price and review star’s colors

  • Price color
  • Sale price color
  • Price compare color
  • Review star color
  • Review star empty color

Choose the breadcrumb background and change text color.

Label color

In this theme we got 3 available labels: new - hot - sale. You can change their background and text color here.

To add labels for each product:

  • Go to Products settings from your Shopify admin page and pick one product.
  • Label Hot and New are added through tags. Scroll down and find the Tags section, add needed one(s) as your preference.

  • Label Sale will automatically show up when a comparing price is added. (Comparing price = old price, Price = sale price)

Button 1,2,3

Preset displaying styles for your buttons with following elements:

  • Font size
  • Font weight
  • Padding
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Hover: Text color
  • Hover: Background color
  • Border width
  • Border color
  • Hover: Border color
  • Rounded corners