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This section is aimed at setting the general features of the app and it is used for modifying some simple features for both Wishlist and Compare.


1. Standard Settings

Standard settings are used for managing some options that available for Wishlist / Compare feature. 

  • Mark the tick-box to Allow customer who not log in to add wishlist (It's will use cookie browsers to store wishlist items)
  • Mark the tick-box to Show the number of items in the list (This option show a number of wishlist / compare items added)
  • Mark the tick-box to Insert JS file to Theme Assets instead of Script Tags ( This support better performance by reducing 3rd parties script)

  • Preloader Icon

- Choose an available preloading design and set its color as you wish

- If those icons don't satisfy you, then mark the tick-box Custom to upload your file to set your own preloading icon (this custom has required the file with SVG

2. Wishlist Settings

- Mark the tick boxes to enable 2 features for the Wishlist 

  • Enable Sidebar / Drawer Mode (This option will show your sidebar drawer instead of moving to Wishlist Page) 

  • Enable Redirect Button - Add to cart to Product page (Customers will be moved to the Product page instead of Cart page when click Add to cart button in their Wishlist)

- Share Pages: when you'd like to edit the page-share name of the web link in order to share your wishlist items with others 

In case you want to add another page-share name, go to Online Store > PagesAdd Pages

- Fill the page name as you wish in the Title 

- Remember to set Template suffix to page.arn_share_wishlist

Click save to complete the change

- Click the link icon on the very right side of the Wishlist on your storefront and Copy link, then paste it to the new tab to see the result

3. Compare Settings

  • Enable Popup Mode (This option will show a popup effect to "My Compare" instead of moving to Compare Page when you click to view your compare list)

  • Select the product attribute to Compare by marking the tick boxes at:
    - Availability: show whether the product is in stock or not

- Options: display the color options of the product

- Vendor: give the manufacturers' name

- Collection: shoe the collection's name of the product

- Rating: show the rating of the product

  • Change the color page Compare of:

- Background Page Header Bar

Page Text Color

Note: when you change any feature or option in the settings, please wait until the server completes the task by noticing the bar "Updating Settings" and since it updates values completely, there is a note to inform you about the process. This takes a little more time than usual but it helps optimize the speed of your site. 

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