How to Add and Remove Metafields on ACF extension

Modified on Fri, 04 Jun 2021 at 11:25 PM

Add and Remove metafields on the ACF app may be easy for some old users, but it can be a little bit confused for many newbies with this app, especially with its new extensive version - ACF extension. 

So this writing will help you to clarify the exact operation for adding and removing metafields on the ACF extension.

1. Add a new metafield 

In the introduction, you were given guidance about the features on the add new metafields section. But now I will remind you once again in case you are unclear about how to add a new metafield

  • 2 icons in the red box are to create new metafields. The left one is to add an actual new metafield, the right one is to copy the other product's metafield from the popup list. 
  • Once you click on one of those icons, a filling box will display below, you need to enter the value corresponding to each required section on the box. 
  • After completely enter the value, click on the Create button at the bottom of the add metafield section.

Note: As the general settings, when you create a new metafield, the system will automatically clear the new form in the add metafield section (for the clear "new" metafield option), that metafield has not displayed on the edit metafields section yet.

You need to press the refresh button on the right corner of the edit metafields section to display that recently added metafield. 

2. Remove a metafield 

  • Removing a metafield is also easy. By clicking the trash can icon on the metafield that you want to remove at the edit metafield section.
  • Remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the section to reload all the data.
  • When you click on the Clear button next to the Save one, that means all the metafields will be simplified, not removed. If you want to reshow the metafields to edit, then press the refresh button at the very upper right corner of the edit metafield section.

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