Add/Edit Metafield Introduction

Modified on Fri, 04 Jun 2021 at 11:24 PM

ACF extension helps improving users' experience by adding some advanced features to shorten the setting process. It allows customers to make the settings to some sections right on Shopify admin (Product, Collection,  Product variant, etc) instead of opening the app to operate.

As a long-time partner with ArenaComerce, you've certainly been familiar with how to add/edit the metafields on the ACF app. But to all the new ones, they may not be used to it yet, especially with the ACF extension. Therefore, here is a simple feature introduction for adding and editing the metafields with the ACF extension.

After adding the ACF extension to your Shopify admin, there are 2 fields added on the right side of the screen. (below is the product settings)

1. Add new metafields

  • The {+} icon placed next to the field title is to create a different new metafield
  • The next icon is to copy the available metafield from other products. When you click on it, a product list will pop up for you to choose from.
  • The circular arrow placed in the middle, next to the garbage can icon is to reset all the data of the metafield.
  • Value type: there are 3 options 

> String: allow you to fill a series of characters including letters, numbers, or symbols

> Integer: just the number

> Json_string: allow you to fill the data only in Json format

For the most simple and convenient, we recommend users should choose string for the value type.

  • Value: is to enter the content of the metafield
  • Namespace: is to set the name for the item to identify and arrange a set of objects of various kinds. 
  • Key: should be set relatively with namespace, it helps users can easily identify the data or item.

2. Edit Metafields 

This field is for changing any information of the old metafield with the same format as the add metafied. In this field, you'll be shown all the numbers of metafield on the section, however, the number of metafieds displaying per page depending on the general settings. 

The circular icon on the very upper right of the section box is for refreshing the data. (For example: when you set the feature "clear New form" or "Do nothing" on the general settings, you need to press this icon to �refresh all the data to show the metafields which you've just created on the edit section). 

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