When you've already installed the ACF extension successfully, you need to go to your Shopify admin to set up the general settings.

  • Login to the admin account > click to extension icon on the top right of the site


  • Then an extension box appears > click on the ACF > the ACF general settings will pop up

In the popup we have:

  • General Settings

  • A checkbox to allow the extension to Add/ Edit Metafields

  • Show/Hide "Go to top" button (this is an arrow displayed at the bottom of Add/Edit metafield boxes)
  • Number of metafields per page: choose an option from the drop-down box to limit the total number of items in the Edit metafields section
  • After create new metafields, we'll:

 > Clear "New" form: that means the system will clear the metafield you've just added in the add metafield section (if you want to see that added metafeild on the edit metafield section under, just press the refresh button on the edit field to reload the data)

 > Do nothing

 > Clear "New" & reload "Edit" form: it will clear the data which you've just created in Add new metafields section and reload all items from the Edit metafields section at the same time.

  • Metafields Editor 

To choose which resources you allow the extension to access

  • Templates tab

  • Enable custom default value when adding metafields: If it's checked, you'll be able to use the default Namespace, Key, and Value type which can be set in the boxes below 
  • Allow blank value: Allow the user to leave a blank field during creating/ editing the metafields

  • URL Filter tab

Since ACF extension only works on Shopify admin page (myshopify.com/admin), when configuring URL filter, the extension will check the information on that page as well:

  • If the Whitelisted domains field is filled, only those domains can use the ACF extension. All other domains have a value that differs from this one will be not able to use it
  • If Whitelisted domains field stayed empty, all domains would able to use the extension except the ones in Blacklisted
  • Blacklisted domains: Only be considered when Whitelisted is blank. If the blacklisted field is filled, the domains inserted in this one cannot use the extension
  • If one domain is named in both lists, Whitelisted is prioritized