1. Content

To add the contents to this section, click "Add Content". There are 3 options for displaying (Parallax Image/ Simple Text/ Grid Text)

Parallax Image

The name shows everything about its function. You can add and edit only the image in this block

  • Image: Add the image that you want to show 
  • Min height: fill in the blank the numbers (in px) to set the height for the image (Eg: 500px, 250px)
  • Width (1->12): add only the number from 1 to 12 (0 to hide. E.g: 6) - to change the width for the mobile or fullscreen mode, add a comma after the number. Eg: 6,4,2

Simple Text

  • Heading content: give a heading for the content 
  • Heading font size (h1-h6): drag to change the style of the heading font
  • Content: add the content to the box
  • Horizontal alignment: decide the alignment from existing options  
  • Width (1->12)
  • Order on Mobile devices: the order to place this block on mobile mode (the first content is -0)
  • Item Padding: (Eg: 17vw 8vw 17vw 9vw) Order: Top Right Bottom Left

Grid Content

  • Heading Content: Add the heading to the blank
  • Heading font size (h1-h6): drag to change the style for heading font
  • Content: add text to the content box
  • Horizontal alignment: again, choose an existing option (Left/Center/Right)
  • Width (1->12): 0 to hide. E.g: 4,6,12
  • Order on Mobile devices: Eg: 3 
  • Item Padding
  • Show index of Grid text items

Block #1, #2, #3, #4

- Give Heading & Content to each block

2. Settings

  • Tick to enable Boxed Layout mode for the section
  • Background color
  • Breadcrumb
  • Tick to Show Breadcrumb
  • Or you can set Background Image for it