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I. Blog Page

1. Content

Click "Add Content" to choose each of 5 contents that you want to add to this section: Breadcrumb, Posts, Categories, Banners, Tags.


This part is placed in the sidebar of the Blog page

  • Heading: Set the Heading for this part Eg: Categories
  • Content Components: you choose an option for the displaying style of this part (Categories/ Menu)
  • Tick to Show Border 
  • Menu item: you can select/ edit the menu in case the Menu option is selected in the content components above
  • Limit Items: drag to set the number of items showing 

To delete this content, click Remove Categories at the bottom of the setting area.


  • Title: fill in the blank to have the title for this part (Eg: New Articles)
  • Blog Items: select or edit the items to display 
  • Limited items: again, drag to set the number of items on this part
  • Tick to Show the button to display all the content

"Remove Cars" at the bottom to delete this content


  • Text: this is the same as the title and heading on two sections above
  • Limit Tags show: drag to set the number of tags displaying on the store
  • Manual Tags: fill in the blank manually all the tags you want to show (Use a comma to separate each tag, e.g: Best, Trend, etc. Blank to Auto)


  • Image: Select or Upload your image to show as a banner on this part
  • Link to: fill a link in the blank as a hyperlink to lead customers to the target page 
  • Add text to Text #1,2,3 to have content on the image. 
  • Modify the color for the text
  • Button Text: give a text to the box to have the button 
  • Button Style: drag to set the style for the button (all the styles are the default settings, can not be customized)


  • Set the Background color for the section

  • Select the suitable options in Background Image Size; Background Image Repeat; Background Image Position
  • Tick to have Background Image Fixed
  • Breadcrumb padding in px: fill in the blank the numbers for the space from the margin to the text (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)

  • Breadcrumb margin: fill the numbers in the blank as you wish for the margin, it's the same as the padding above
  • Breadcrumb Box shadow
  • Link Settings
  • Text font size: the number to set the font size
  • Text color: modify the color for the text 
  • Text font-weight: select the existing font-weight 
  • Text font-family: select the style for the font

  • Active Link Settings
  • Tick to Show Active Link/Title page and Active text UPPERCASE

  • Active text font size: fill the number in the blank to set the font size for the Active text (Blank to default)
  • Active text color: modify the color for the active text
  • Select the options that suit your wish in Active text font-weight and Active text font family
  • Active text letter spacing: fill in the blank the number to set the spacing between letters

  • Breadcrumb Previous

Breadcrumb Previous is the Text placed on the right side of Breadcrumb

  • Tick to Show Previous page & Text UPPERCASE
  • Modify the Text font size by filling in the blank the number (Blank to use Link font size)
  • Text color (Blank to use Link color)
  • Select your favorite options in Text font-weight and Text font family

2. Settings


  • Tick to Show Breadcrumb & Inherit Background image (Please upload image in Theme settings > Breadcrumb)
  • Or you can add another Breadcrumb Image (To customize this breadcrumb, please add block 'Breadcrumb' in the content above)


  • Tick to enable Box Layout mode 
  • Background color: modify the color for the background
  • Tick to Show Excerpt

  • Max number of items per row: E.g: 4,3,2
  • Number of articles per page: Eg: 8

Blog Button

  • Inherit Button style: Drag to choose a style for the button

Blog Content Margin

Break point: xl,lg,md,sm,xs,xxs
Order: Top Right Bottom Left
  • Blog title margin: Eg. 10px 0 20px
  • Blog info margin
  • Blog excerpt margin


To customize Sidebar content, please click Add content and choose what sections you want to display on the store

  • Sidebar Placement: set the position to place the contents of the sidebar
  • Heading block size(h1-> h6): drag to set the size for sidebar heading (the bigger in the number, the smaller in the size)

II. Blog Posts

1. Article Pages

a. Content

There are also 5 contents for you to add to this section that are the same as the Blog page's above. Therefore, click Add Content to have the suitable contents

b. Settings

The Settings in this section are the same as the Blog pages' settings of Breadcrumb, Layout, Sidebar. Except:

Article Related

  • Tick to Show Article Related
  • Heading: fill in the blank the heading for this section
  • Heading alignment: select the existing option (Left/Center/Right)
  • Max number of items per row. E.g: 4,3,2
  • Tick to Spacing items

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