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Modified on Fri, 02 Apr 2021 at 03:06 PM

This function lets users import metafields data after editing or move data from store to store.

What's new?

After the latest beta update in January 2021, we’ve opened the Import/Export feature and now everyone can have an experience with our advanced function.

  • Import/Export metafields function will require credit points to do the job.

April updates

  • All new users will be rewarded 500 points. Each point is corresponding to one object. When you reach the limit, it’s able to purchase more with $2 per 500 credit points.

If you have any trouble while using, don’t hesitate and contact our support team through:


- As you can see, there are 02 main sections in the app: Custom Fields tab and Metafields tab. 
- If you import a file in the Custom Fields tab, only available values in this tab can receive the data. System will automatically skip all unavailable metafields. 
- On the other side, Metafields tab supports importing all values related to the chosen items. 

Step 1: Choose the content you want to write on current data.

  • Custom Fields tab/ Metafields tab > Open the resource editor.
  • Choose the items to import data.
  • The number of selected items will show up at the top. You can use the bulk selector to get all items from the current page.
  • To keep all chosen items and select all items in another page, press and hold Shift key, click on bulk selection button.

  • To pick all items in this resource, click Select all loaded items.

Step 2: After choosing all needed contents, click Import.

An pop-up will show up, you need to select the option for:

  • Import Typed:
  • Selected Items: Update information for the chosen items only.
  • All Items: Update data for all items in this resource.
  • Receive Notification via:
  • In the App: You have to wait and keep the tab open for the task to complete and check the import result. You can also see the progress bar on the pop-up.
  • Via email: Task runs in the background and import result will be sent to your email when the progress has completed. You won't be able to see the progress status.
  • Both: You can get your import result in both places.

Step 3: Click the Import button to start the process and wait for the result.

  • If you choose Receive Notification in the App, do not close the tab until the progress is done. Import process may take more time to complete.
  • When the progress bar reaches the end, click on the note to view the result. A table which contains the importing result will appear. Check again whether there is any failure.

  • With email selection, check your email to receive the result.

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