Product Tab V1

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- Layout Mode: Boxed/ Wide

- Background color

- Boder radius: rounds the corners of an element's outer border 

- Section margin: learn how to add values correctly here

- Section padding: following the order - top right bottom left


- Heading: enter the text to set heading for this block

- Subtext: add a subtext or paste an external link to the box the attach it to subtext

- Number items per row: enter the number to set the amount of items showing in a row. Add a comma to set for other devices. Eg: 4,3,2 (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile respectively)

- Spacing between items: tick to add space between items

- Limit: drag to limit total of the products showing in the section


- Vertical style: tick to enable the vertical style (The options below are not used when activating Vertical style)

Make sure yo uncheck the vertical style above to adjust the elements below

- Alignment: Left/ Center/ Right

Border style: choose a style 

SLIDER SETTINGS  (Not for Style is Special product) 

Tick to enable:

  • Enable Slider
  • Loop
  • Control
  • Dots
  • Autoplay

- Control position: Same row with Heading/ Below Heading 

- Change slide every (s): drag to auto switch slide in seconds (tick to enable Autoplay)

>>> Demo video Electro XI- Product Tabs V1 [general settings]


1. Speacial product

- Heading: enter the text to set heading for this block

- Style: NormalSpecial ProductImage (the style settings will be shown under)

- Collection: select a collection to display its products on the block

Modify style:

SPECIAL PRODUCT (remember to switch to style "special product"  preview")

- Position: Choose the position for the product

- Product: select a product to show as the special one

- Label: enter text to embed in the product


- Style: drag to change style

- Image: select image to show

- Link: attach a link or search from the metafields to the image

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