First of all, please read the App integration guide to avoid unnecessary errors. We suggest using our recommended apps to get more compatible with the themes.

1. Metafields & Custom Fields app

->> Go to this link to install the app

2. Wishlist Compare app

->> Go to this link to install the app

3. Product Review

There are 3 options for you to choose which app will help you to display your customers' reviews 

  • Shopify (Click here to install Shopify reviews app)
  • Loox (Click here to install Loox review app)
  • None


- Layout Direction: type the text LTR or RTL to set the layout direction for the whole site

- Layout mode

  • Boxed - 1440px
  • Boxed - 1280px
  • Wide

Breadcrumb visibility: tick on the device you want to display the breadcrumb 

  • Enable switcher mode: tick to enable the breadcrumb

Static Sections

Tick on the check-boxes to display 

  • Announcement Bar
  • Topbar
  • Header department

  • Newsletter Popup

  • Bottom Products

  • Logo List

  • Footer Widget

Social Sharing Options

  • Social Sharing on Product

  • Social Sharing on Blog posts

  • Share on Facebook

  • Tweet on Twitter


Left column section: choose an option to have (Full slideshow/ Normal slideshow/ None)


- Layout mode: Boxed/ Wide

- Header style: drag to choose the style 

- Tick to enable Header Sticky and Header Overlay

Language selector

- To add a language, go to your language settings

  • Tick to Enable this widget

Currency selector

- To add a currency, go to your currency settings

  •  Enable this widget

Search box

- Search results: products

- Limit: drag to decide how many products displayed on the result 

- Unavailable products: choose Show/ Hide/ Last (show the unavailable products at the bottom of the result) the out of stock products

Mobile contact box

- Tick to Enable this widget

Insert the content into the corresponding boxes 

  • Heading
  • Phone number
  • Email

Mobile touch menu

- Choose one option to set the mobile menu to go to link or submenu



Visit the link to know how to apply the Google font to the editor

- Drag to se the font weight and font size for Heading 1,2,3,4,5,6


Visit the link to know how to apply the Google font to the editor

- Drag to se the font weight and font size 

Heading section

- Margin: set the margin for all the heading section throughout website following the format top right bottom left (eg: 0 0 50px 20px)

- Text: adjust the text color for heading sections by using the color picker

- Drag to adjust the font size and font weight


- Enter the product option name which you want has type below. Separation by comma. E.g: Color, Colour, Size

Shipping and delivery dates

- Tick to Enable this widget

- Drag to set the Deadline each day and Delivery time

People in Cart

"People have the product in their carts right now"

- Tick to Enable this widget

- SVG icon: insert the icon in SVG to the box

- Counter Max: drag to adjust

- Enter the content into the Text and Subtext


- Tick to Show product vendor

Product images

- Hover effect: choose one option (Overlay/ Chang image/ None)

- Image ratio: choose an option to set the ratio for images

- Customize image ratio: you can upload your own image 

- Title line limit: choose the tittle line number shown 

- Drag to adjust the font size for Title, Vendor, Price, Price Sale, Price compare


- Tick to Enable this widget

Expire: drag to set the expire time to hide the popup

Block image

- Image: upload your image to show on the newsletter


- Tick to show the social icons

- Enter the content to the corresponding boxes 



Select an image to set the Background image at checkout page (1000 x 400px recommended)


Select image to set the logo 

Modify the logo position (Left/ Right/ Center) and logo size (Small/ Medium/ Large)

Main content area

  • Select an image to set image background for the main content at checkout (Image repeats vertically and horizontally)
  • Use the color picker to adjust the color for background 

Form fields

Choose an option to set the background for the form fields (White/ Transparent)

Order summary

Select image (Image repeats vertically and horizontally) or pick a color to set the background for the order summary


Choose an option to adjust the Heading and Body texts


Pick a color from the color pickers at 

  • Accents
  • Buttons
  • Errors