To create a new category, click Add content > Click Category 

In Category settings, you click Select menu, you can choose an available menu to display or click Create menu to create a new menu.

A " Add Menu" tab appears, please input the title and menu items for a new category. 

  • Title: you can input a title name you want for this category into the box

  • Menu items: you create menu items for this category by click on " Add menu item", a dialog box appears 

and you can input category's name and link for that menu item.

You'd like to enter a product for a big item, you still click on "Add menu item" to input product's information. After that, you drag and drop it to that category. On the other hand, If you want to add more products for that category, please click the plus [+]Add menu item to... below the entered product.

When you finish entering a new menu, please click on Save menu.

Back to main page, you can choose the menu that you just created to display.

If you want to delete the menu that you just created, you click Edit menu, it backs the previous "Add menu" tab and click on Delete.Note: Please click Save on the Top right of the screen to save the step by step that you just input.