1 - Layout Settings

  • Tick off the boxes to activate/enable the features below:
  • Boxed layout: Add a padding around whole section
  • Padding items: Add a padding around a product
  • Carousel layout (slider)

After enabling the Carousel layout, use these following fields to adjust its elements

  • Display style: 01 row or 02 rows
  • Use the check boxes to
  • Enable Auto play / Smooth auto play
  • Enable Loop: Switching slides in a loop
  • Show Next & Prev arrows: Arrows that allow you to view more next/ previous products
  • Show Dots: Show at the bottom of the section, represent the available pages
  • Section title: You can choose to have only section's title/ View all button or both/none of them

2 - Tab Config

After styling the layout, now let's move to the Tabs

  • Either Tab or Product card display style can be changed. A little note: 'Product display style #2' does not work with 'Tab style 02' and Carousel template
  • To change those title alignment, use the Text align drop-down box
  • Set active tab by default: To set a specific tab to be displayed as default, insert its order number into the form
  • Item quantity
  • Max number of items per row: Is the total items can be shown at once on a row
  • Total items for each tab: The maximum number of products contained in one tab
  • At the bottom of the settings section, there is a check box to show the share buttons for different social networks

3 - Add your content

  • Product's information will be import from your collections. Each created ticket is one tab.