Click Add Section to select Menu Gallery for displaying on the homepage

There is 2 content for this section. Style and Image (Click Add Content to have more info on the section)

1. Content

a. Image

Select or Upload your own image for the Menu Gallery

  • Width: set from 1 to 12 for the width of the image (Blank to inherit. E.g: 4,6,12)
  • Text Content
  • Tick to have the content on the same row
  • Add content to the Heading, Subheading, Text #1, #2
  • Button Label: Fill the blank to add Title for the button 
  • Paste a link or search the existing items/ collections to attach to the Heading and Subheading

b. Style

In Style section, you can modify the general settings or features for the content of the Menu Gallery

  • Block Label: Just give a name for this content to help you to easily memorize (Eg: General Style)
  • Background image position: fill the alignment to place the content (Eg: center center)
  • Min height (in px): Use for Background image text Content Style: select the style Overlay or Hide the content

  • Select the tick box to use the features:

- Hide Text content on mobile devices

- Use Inherit Position from the first 'Style' block 

  • Edit the position of Text in Horizontal and Vertical by dragging (Use for Content style is 'Overlay')
  • Set the border color and Background Text content color
  • Drag to set the background transparency. The more % you set, the more the background get opacity
  • Padding text content: Order: Top Right Bottom Left
  • Width text content (in %): E.g: 50%. Blank to auto
  • Text align: Inherit/ Left/Center/Right
  • Background & Text Color

Use color inherit from the first 'Style' block, set to 'None'

Set the color for

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Text #1
  • Text #2

  • Text Font Size
  • Set font size for Heading, Subheading, Text #1, #2
  • Text Font Weight
  • Select the suitable font weight for your Heading, Subheading, Text #1, #2 on the section
  • Content Margin Bottom (in px)
  • Fill the blanks to set Margin Bottom for Content of Heading, subheading, Text #1, #2
  • Button Style
  • Set color for Button Text and Button Hover
  • Set and select the Button font size and Butont font-weight

2. Settings 

  • Section label: is where you add the Title for the whole section 
  • Layout:
  • Box Layout: the layout of the content is shortened on both sides 
  • Hide on Mobile: the whole section will be hidden on Mobile
  • Set Background color for the section
  • Or you can select the available image/ upload your own to set Background Image
  • Tick to have a fixed background
  • Mofidy Background Size, Background Image Repeat, and its Position
  • Alter Section Padding (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)
  •  Position overlay of section (in px)

  • Section Heading
  • Add Content for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2
  • Set Heading Alignment 
  • Modify the color for them (Blank to inherit color)

  • Layout Content
  • Max number of items per row. E.g: 4,3,2 (display respectively for Desktop,.., Mobile) Use for Gallery
  • Menu Content
  • Menu Item: select an item to display on this section by clicking "Select Menu". To add more menu or to edit the existing one, click "Create menu

  • Position: choose a placement for the Menu item
  • Text align for Menu content: set the alignment for the Text 
  • Give a title for the menu (Blank to hide)

  • View all label
  • View all link: paste a link or search the existing one to show 
  • Menu Column Layout

Set 0 to Hide

  • Menu item: Width (1->12). E.g: 4,6,12
  • Gallery item: Width (1->12).E.g: 4,6,12
  • Set color for Menu Background, Menu Title, Menu text, Menu text hover