Image Gallery

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1. Settings

Tick to display Box Layout and Hide on Mobile 

  • Change Color for the background 
  • Select or upload the image background
  • Background Size: choose the suitable size for the background 
  • Background Image Repeat
  • Background Image Position
  • Section Padding in px: fill the numbers in the blank to set the padding of the background 
  • Position Overlay of section (in px)

Section Heading

  • Set title for Heading and Subheading,..
  • Select the alignment for the Text: Left / Center / Right
  • Change the color for Heading, Subheading,.. (blank to set the default setting)

Slider Settings

Tick to enable:

  • Enable Loop
  • Show Next and Preview Arrows
  • Show Dots
  • Merged Items
  • Change slides every second 

Scroll down to select Slider type for displaying those settings

Layout Content

  • Tick to have Spacing Items
  • Modify the Size of Item Space (in px)
  • Tick to Show Border Item and Border Radius
  • Type: choose an option for displaying the Gallery (Row / Slider / Masonry)
  • Max number of items per rowE.g: 4,3,2

2. Content

To add Image for your Gallery, click "Add Content". Be noted that add Style to modify the content for that image. 

a. Style

  • Use images as: Normal Image, Background Image, Background Image fixed
  • Background image position: Eg: center center 
  • Min height (in px): Use for Background image
  • Text content style: select an option for Text style in that image

* Tick to use Image Heading as background

  • Background image heading position: Eg: center center

* Tick to Hide Text content to Mobile devices

  • Hover effect: select an option for the Text hover

* Tick to Use inherit Position from the first "Style" block

  • Drag to modify the position for the Text in Vertical and Horizontal (Use for Content style is 'Overlay')
  • Change the color of Border and Background Text Content 
  • Drag to alter % of Background Transparency 
  • Padding Text content: Top Right Bottom Left
  • Width text content (in %): E.g: 50%. Blank to auto
  • Select to modify Text alignment: Inherit / Left / Center / Right

Background and Text Color 

Modify the color of: 

  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Text #1
  • Text #2

(Use color inherit from the first 'Style' block, set to 'None')

 Text Font Size, Text Font Weight, and Content Margin Buttom (in px)

Blank to inherit

  • Heading 
  • Subheading
  • Subheading 2
  • Text #1
  • Text #2

Button Style

- Tick to enable:

  • Style as button
  • Underline text
  • Button Rounded Corners

- Drag to choose the button style for Text content

- Button padding: e.g 10px 5px 10px 5px

- Button radius corners

- Modify the color for button text, button background, button border

- Button font size: e.g 24px

- Letter spacing

- Button font weight: select a font-weight option to display button

b. Image

Select or upload the image for Gallery

- Image Link: select an item for the image link, when customers click to the image, it will move to the items you set 

- Or video link

Text content 

- Tick the box to have content on the same row

- Select or upload the image if you want to have Image Heading

- Add content to Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2, Text #1, Text #2

- Button label

- Button link

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