Click Add Content to upload information of "Talk about your brand"

1. Content

a. Paragraph

  • Add Content for Heading, Paragraph #1, Paragraph #2
  • Modify Color for those content
  • Font Size Settings
  • Font Weight Settings
  • Content Margin: Order: Top Right Bottom Left
  • Letter Spacing
  • Button:
  • Add content to Button Label
  • Button Link: Paste or Search a link to this button in order to lead customers to another target page when they click on the button
  • Horizontal alignment: Left/Center/Right
  • Tick to have Style as Button and Button Rounded Corners
  • Horizontal dragging to set the button style. (0 to customize button; the other styles are default settings, cannot be modified)
  • Button padding. Eg: 6px 30px
  • Set color for Button Text, Button Border, Button Background
  • Drag to set Button Border Size 
  • Tick to Enable Button Hover (then modify the color for it)
  • Button border size on Hover: Change button size while you put a mouse arrow over it

  • Block Setting
  • Add name for this section to Block Label. Eg: Paragraph
  • Width (Set 0 to hide): E.g: 6,4,12
  • Set Vertical and Horizontal alignment 
  • Modify the color of background and Border for Paragraph Section
  • Alter the Border Size 
  • Item Padding, Item Margin (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)

b. Image

  • Select or Upload the image for displaying on store
  • Input a link or search data into Image Link so that it will move to another page when customers click on the image
  • Tick to have Image Border Rounded
  • Set Image max width (in %)
  • Hover Effect: Choose Style to apply for Image Hover, so that when customer move the mouse arrow over it, the image will display the elected effect 
  • Image Height
  • Image Position: E.g: center center (Use when Image height is Fill)
  • Set Vertical alignment (Use when Image max-width is greater than 0)
  • Horizontal alignment
  • Choose Background color for Image
  • Item Padding ( Order: Top Right Bottom Left)

2. Settings

Custom Label: add Name for this Section 

  • Layout
  • Tick to have Box Layout: there will be spaces on both sides of the content
  • Set Background color for whole layout
  • Use background color for: Section/ Content
  • Set Background image 
  • Use background image for: Section/Content
  • Modify Background Size, Image Repeat, Image Position
  • Section Padding. Eg: 5px, 20px, 5px, 20px (Order: Top Right Bottom Left)
  • Section Heading
  • Add Text for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2
  • Heading alignment: Right/Center/Left
  • Set color for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2 (Blank to inherit color)
  • Section Button
  • Give a Text to the Button Label at the bottom of the section
  • Paste a link or search an item to Button Link. It can move customers to another edited page (Remove link to hide)
  • Horizontal alignment: Align the button to the Left/Center/Right
  • Button Rounded Corners: make the button corners be rounded
  • Inherit Button Style: drag to setup Button style (Set 0 to customize button; the other styles are default settings, cannot be modified)
  • Modify the color for Button Text, Button Border, button Background

  • Layout Content

Tick on Spacing Items to have a space between them