1 - What are credit points?

  • Credit point is spent on Import/Export operation and Image resource’s file upload (PRO). Each credit is corresponding to one object except each Image upload will cost 10 points. New users will be rewarded 500 points for their first time app installation. When you reach the limit, you have to purchase more if you want to use the feature.

2 - What are the differences between FREE and PRO plan?

Basically both of them allow users to experience all functions but the limits are different

  • The number of processes can be done at once with the FREE plan is 01 but PRO plan lets users run multiple tasks at the same time.

Other PRO version benefits:

  • Credits used for blank/undone actions will be revived
  • Actions’ history review on History tab
  • Able to upload files to theme assets/our CDN up to 20MB
  • Reward 500 credit points for the 1st subscription

3 - Can I downgrade or cancel my subscription?

  • Yes, you can downgrade your subscription any time if you find the FREE plan is good for your needs.

4 - How many custom fields can I create for free? Is there a limit?

  • No, there is no limit and you can create as many as you want with all available types.

5 - Why can’t I upload images for the Image resource field?

  • Since it’s an advanced feature, the file upload function is only available on PRO plan with $2.99/month