To create a new Categories section, click Add Section > find Categories > Click Add button.


1 - Settings


To modify the section layout.

  • Boxed layout: Add a padding around the main wrapper. 
  • Section padding: Insert values in order of clockwise motion starting from Top padding.
  • Mobile layout: Modify layout for mobile view
  • Boxed
  • Wide
  • Only full right: We recommend using this when the slider option is active.

Section heading

To modify the section heading & subheading.

  • You can add a Heading & Subheading for the Blog Post section or leave it blank.
  • Modify the text Alignment: Auto/ Left/ Right/ Center.
  • Choose Heading & Subheading colors with the color picker.

Section button

To modify the button at the bottom of section.

  • Insert text in the Button label field to activate the button and link it to another page with Button URL field.
  • Button style: Choose a display style. To change the preset buttons, please go to Theme settings > Color & Style.
  • Custom button style: For example: Insert "font-size: 21px; color: #f00000;"... to change the elements you want.

Layout content

To modify the content arrangement.

  • Max number of content per row field let you set the number of categories in a row.
  • To adjust the space between 2 categories, fill in the Item spacing field.
  • Collection image max width: Change the representative photos' width.

Slider settings

  • Enable slider: By activating the slider, you can make the section look neat, swipe to view more.

2 - Content

To add a category, click the Add collection button.

  • We recommend creating all needed collections in your Shopify admin first, then you can easily choose it from here.
  • Should you not want to display the Collection's image, you can change it to a SVG icon.

How to insert values for your theme.