Youtube Feed Layout Customization

Modified on Tue, 24 Nov 2020 at 10:20 AM

After choosing a template, you still can modify the layout of each part to match your preference.

To open Layout Settings, click Layout tab.


1 Decide to keep or disable the Feed's header with a toggle button.

2 - Header layout

There are 3 options for 3 looks: Classic/ Accent/ Minimal

3 - Header elements

A list of elements lets you pick which one will be displayed on the feed.

4 - Customize channel's name, description, logo and banner

Change your Youtube channel's name/ description/ logo or banner into anything else you want, simply just insert text/ URL link into the text box below each field and it will replace the present ones.


1 - Columns

Adjust how many video will be displayed per row.

This field only effects when you choose Single template.
For other templates, please use Slider Styles field below.

2 - Rows

To adjust how many rows will be displayed on the feed.

3 - Space between videos

To modify spacing/padding between 2 videos, please enter value into this field.


1 - Video layout

You can choose one from our available layout:

  • Classic
  • Horizontal
Only Video list template can use this layout.
  • Cinema

2 - Video elements

A list of elements lets you pick which one will be displayed on the video section.

If your current layout is Cinema, some elements will not appear on the feed.

3 - Play mode

There are 3 ways a video can be played:

  • Popup: A popup will show up when you click a video from the feed.

For advanced settings, please go to Popup section.

  • Play: The video will start directly in your feed.

  • Open Youtube: This will lead you to Youtube page to play the video.

4 - You can also customize the play button by inserting a SVG file.


A list of elements lets you pick which one will be displayed on the video popup.

Switch the Autoplay button to turn on/off autoplay mode.


1 - Navigation Arrows

Switch the toggle button to turn on/off arrows.

You can change the arrows' direction with Navigation direction.

2 - Slide switch

Switch the toggle button to turn on/off slide autoplay mode.

You can change the switching speed with Slide Switch Speed (ms).

3 - Mobile Responsive

This is used for customize displayed columns for mobile and other devices.

Single Video and Video List template cannot be customized using this field.

4 - Videos count

Maximum number of displayed videos.

5 - Edge padding

Easily enable and adjust edge padding with just few clicks.

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