Statistic on Wishlist - Compare App helps you to keep track of customers' operation on your store. 

You can set the time for the statistic within 7/ 30/ 60 days

Activity Product

This section will show you a list that customers add the products to their Wishlist. There are 2 options to show: Product and Variant

  • Product: show the products in general that all visitors add to their Wishlist. 
  • Variant: show the products in details that all visitors add to their Wishlist

Note: to set up the Statistic in Variant, you must Enable Add Variant in the Wishlist Settings

Be cautious to set this function because enable this option will delete all customers' recent wish list data on store. Please carefully consider before confirming.

This function allows you to add your wish products in detail. Eg: Panel Camp Cap with Green only

After activating this function, all the previous wish products will be deleted, and the new data will be added to the Variant in the Statistic section instead of Product.