1. Content

Click "Add Content" to have Block Content and Sidebar Content


  • Modify the Width, Position, and Type for Sidebar Content
  • You can use Image for the Sidebar
  • Modify the Text Content:
  • Heading content: add text for Heading
  • Content horizontal & vertical alignment
  • Heading font size
  • Layout: alter the color for Heading text

Block Content

  • Add SVG icon code 
  • Select or Upload Image and modify its Min Height
  • Content
  • add content to Text #1, #2
  • Modify Button Label and Button Link
  • Layout: Alter Text #1 color and background color

2. Settings

  • Layout
  • Tick to have Box Layout for Icon Box
  • Set background color for the box
  • Select background for Section / Content
  • Another option for background is Image background. Then you need to alter its Size, Repeat, Position
  • Section Padding
  • Content Padding
  • Position overlay of section (in px)
  • Section Heading
  • Add Text for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2
  • Set Heading Alignment 
  • Set color for Heading, Subheading, Subheading 2 (Blank to inherit color)

  • Layout Content
  • Max number of items per row. E.g: 4,3,2 (Desktop,.., Mobile)
  • Tick to set Spacing items and Border radius
  • Border Style: select the position for Border

Heading item settings

  • Heading item type: choose a type for Heading (Icon/Image/Text)
  • Heading item position: Right/Left/Top
  • Heading items vertical alignment: Top/Middle/Bottom

Content horizontal alignment

  • Choose Content horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Select Text #1 font weight
  • Item hover styles
  • Item Color
  • Set color for Heading Text, Text #1, Text #2
  • Drag to choose Button Style
  • Item Font Size (H1-H6)
  • Drag to select style for Heading, Text #1, Text #2 font size
  • Item Padding & Margin

Order: Top Right Bottom Left

  • Item padding. e.g: 15px 20px
  • Text #1 margin
  • Text #2 margin
  • Item button margin
  • Tick to enable Space Button
  • Slider Setting

Tick to choose more functions for Icon Box Slider 

  • Enable Slider
  • Enable Autoplay
  • Enable Loop
  • Show Next & Prev arrows
  • Show Dots