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1 - Settings


  • Insert the section heading & subheading.

Contact information

  • Use Text 1 and Text 2 field to add more information about your store like phone number, email, open time, etc.
  • Input a label to activate the button and link it to another page. You can also change the displaying style for it by dragging the Button style bar right down below.

Form settings

  • Add a section's heading for the customer contact form.

Instafeed settings

  • Insert the heading and subheading for the Instagram feed section.
  • There are 2 ways to modify your feed.
  • #1 Using app
  • You can use an app which supports connecting your Instagram account with the Shopify store. Find it on the app store.
  • Paste the embed code to the blank field to add a new feed.
  • All settings below this field will be disabled when using an app code (include Content section).
  • #2 Add photo directly using the content section below.
  • Max number of content per row: The item quantity on one row.
  • Item spacing: Customize the distance between 2 images.

Map settings

  • Tick on the box to activate the map function.
  • Key: To get the access key from Mapbox
  • Step 1: Sign in/ Sign up.
  • Step 2: Copy the Default public token and paste it into the Key form.

  • Configure store location using Latitude and Longitude. Insert values in order of Latitude, Longitude and separate them by using a comma.
  • You can use this site to track your store location.

  • Drag the bar below to zoom in/out as your preference.
  • To adjust the map height for different devices, insert the pixel (px) values and separate them by commas.
  • You can use the Store information field to give more additional text.

2 - Content

To add a photo, click Add Insta Image and choose from the library or upload a new one.

How to insert values for your theme.

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