To add a new slideshow section please click Add section > Slide show

1. Section settings

Select the main section to find general settings

  • Boxed layout: An auto padding will wrap around the section, disable to show it on full width
  • Height: You can use a pixel value like 800px, 1000px or enter 100vh (100% view height)
  • Autoplay settings:
  • Turn on/off
  • Loop: Switching slides on a loop
  • Adjust slide change time

2. Content settings

To add a new slide, click the Add Item button inside the current section then insert your content

  • Image: Upload or choose from your library
  • Image position: Choose the position to crop and display
  • URL: To insert video URL, we support Vimeo and YouTube. If the video has been uploaded to Shopify > Files, you just need to enter the file name here

  • Heading and subheading

  • Button

How to insert values for your themes