Subscription Flow


1. Change the theme template

If you want to add a subscription to your product, you need to change its theme template. 

  • So firstly, you have to Active/Publish your store to activate the subscribe theme template. 
  • Then, you go to Products on the home menu, select the product you want to modify, and change its theme template to Subscribe.

Note: The first product of the process doesn't need changing the theme template to Subscribe, it is compulsory for the second one

(the gif below just shows you an example of how to change the theme template, you need to choose the second product to do)

In this step, you use the ACF app to link the products that you want them to link together in a purchase process. 

You go to the Products option in the menu, then select the first product of the process to customize its metafields. When you are in the Product Metafields Editor > in the Bundle product field, click on the Product Selection button > add the second product of the process to link both together. 

You need to do the same with the second product to make a bidirectional link. 

  • Go to Products option > select the second product > click on edit its Custom Fields
  • In the Product Metafields Editor > click on the Product Selection button in the Bundle product field> then add the first product of the process > Save

3. Add appropriate values to each product

After link both products together, you turn back to edit the Custom Field for the first product by using the ACF app. 

  • Discount %: fill in the number you want. Eg: 20% (this will discount in 20% in case customers choose to buy the product with Subscribe & Save 20% instead of One Time)
  • Text 1, Text 2: enter the content to display on the description of this product and you can modify it as you want by using the menu bar above

  • Map Variant: make sure you enter the exact variant ID corresponding to each text field. (this field is only compulsory for the first product)

How to distinguish and get two different variant IDs?

  • Open a new tab and go to the first product settings in the Products section > scroll down to see the Variants block. There are two types of variants (One Time and Subscribe & Save 20%) > click on the Edit button of each type.
  • On the link of each, there's a series of numbers at the end of the link > copy them and turn back to the product Custom Fields above and paste on the appropriate variant id. 

- Variant id: is the id of One Time variant

- Variant id - Discount: is the id of Subscribe & Save 20%

After filling in all the values for the product Custom Fields, remember to click Save

Then, you need to edit the custom field for the second product with the same steps except for the Map variant.

4. Add the second product to the app Recharge

This is only for the second product of the process. 

  • Go to Apps > Open the app named Recurring Billing by Recharge 

  • In the Navigation, click on the Products menu, and choose the Products option

  • Click on Add products button placed at the right top > select the product you want to add this recharge function 

  • You will set up the content for this product, after completing it, click Save 

5. Result

After completing all the steps, you can view the result on your storefront like the gif below.