Product Page


  • Mark the tick-box to Show the widget
  • Heading


Each block will be displaced as the image below. 

Each block has 2 text boxes for filling the icon SVG and its text

Product sections

Modify each section

> Tick to Enable to display that section on the site

1. Open Block

Click on Add block to add 

First, you should add Open Block to enable its content. Remember to keep it on top of its contents

2. Image

Insert Image and its Text 

3. --4 Paragraph

Insert the Heading and its content. There are 4 paragraphs for you to display on each block

A row of content is corresponding to a block

You can create more than one block on a product section with Open Block to enable its contents and close it with Close Block. 

For example, you add Open Block to enable its content. Next, you modify its content by adding Image or Paragraph blocks, then close its content by adding Close Block. Continuing this circle to add different blocks in a product section.