> Section Label: this is the section name, you should not change it.


> Boxed layout: tick to apply the padding to the main wrapper

  • Section margin: insert values in pixel unit, following the order of Top Right Bottom Left (Eg: 20px 0px 20px 0px)
  • Section padding: insert the values in pixel unit with the same format as the margin


Full section background: mark the tick-box to have a full section background

Background color: use the color picker to adjust

Slideshow settings

  • Slide height: insert the values into the box to adjust the height (Eg: 630px, 350px - Desktop, Mobile respectively)

Mark the tick-boxes to enable:

  • Loop: is an effect that automatically causes the sliders to repeat 
  • Dots
  • Controls
  • Autoplay
  • Change slide every(s): drag to decide how long it takes (in seconds) for showcasing each slide


There are 3 blocks in this section, click on Add block to add more content: Slide image, [+] Content wrapper, [+] Paragraph 

1. Slide Image

> Image: Click on the Select Image button to choose one from the library or upload your own image 

> Paragraph: enter the texts into the appropriate text-boxes

  • Text 1
  • Text 2
  • Text 3

2. [+] Content Wrapper

> Block Label

> Text block position: modify the position of the text in the format Left%:Top%

> Alignment: fill a word in the box (Center/right/left) to align the text

3. [+] Paragraph

> Block Label

Text 1 settings

  • Font size: insert values into the box the adjust the font size for text 1
  • Color: use the color picker to change the text color
  • Font weight (0 is auto): drag to bold the text
  • Margin: add values in pixel unit to set the margin following the order Top Right Bottom Left 
  • Line height: add single values in pixel unit, you'll see the change clearer if it has more than one lines

Text 2,3 have the same settings