I. Header Colors

1. Desktop settings

Adjust the color for the header on the desktop interface

  • Transparent on Homepage: it will make the background color transparent 

Use the color picker to set for

  • Background color
  • Content color
  • Icon color
  • Background Cart Icon number
  • Cart Icon number

2. Mobile settings

Turn on the mobile mode by clicking on the computer icon at the upper right of the page


Use the color picker to adjust the color for:

  • Background color
  • Icon color

II. Header settings


  • Logotype: choose one type to display the logo (SVG/Image)
  • Max width: insert value in pixel unit to set the width of the logo
  • SVG/Image: below are two blocks for you to insert the values of the logo. You can add both values (SVG and Image) but just one will be displayed. It depends on the logotype you choose.

  • Menu: you can change the menu on the header. If you want to edit the recent menu, click on the "Edit menu" link under the title, then you'll be moved to the Navigation settings on Shopify admin to edit that menu.

To use. When adding a link, please add (sale/hot/new) in last. E.g: Shop (sale)

  • New label
  • Hot label
  • Sale label

Theme settings

Tick to enable:

  • Currencies
  • Languages
  • Cart type: Page / Dropdown

- Page:

you click on the cart icon, you'll be moved to the whole cart page

- Dropdown:

you hover over the cart icon, then a list of your cart will popup right in the homepage.