With Tags Workflow, now you can easily manage your store's products, customers, and orders in a smarter way.

What are simple tags?

  • When "Simple tags" option is selected: Added tags will be exactly what you've inputted in the value field

To add simple tags with filter

Step 1

  • Create a new Workflow tab & enter a name for the current workflow to help you identify it in the future

Step 2

Select resource type - which data do you need to add a tag

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Customers

Then relevant fields will show up to let users set up the conditions

Step 3

  • There are 02 action types - Add tags or Remove tags
  • You can flexibly use this function to create a new tag with a new rule or remove an old tag for some specific items etc.

Step 4

Modify the conditions

  • You can define one or multiple conditions for a rule. Filter can also be created more than one.
  • Based on the chosen resource type, the drop-down options will be different

Step 5

  • Select Simple tag type and input the value
  • Click continue and wait for the task to finish


Instead of manually creating everything from the beginning, you can simply pick one from our workflow library to make your job even more simple and boost up the process!