1. Image with Text

        a. Large image

           Choose an image to display, Blank to use SVG

           SVG: Input a SVG code into the text box or blank

           Image position: Scroll down to select a position: Left/ Right

        b. Text content

           Add contents to Text 1, text 2, Text 3

        c. Text style

           Choose any color and input the size to set for Text, Text 2, Text 3

    2. Icon with Text

        a. Heading

            Choose an image to set for the heading

        b. Content

    3. Additional Information

        a. Settings

           Input the Heading and Content into the Text box

           Tick to show Social Icons

        b. Block style

          Choose any color you want to set for Background and Text.


    1. Layout

        Tick to have the Boxed Layout

    2. Group Icon Content


        Max number of content per row: The number of the categories exhibited on the row, (Eg: 3,1)        Icon max width: Eg: 64px