1. Layout

  • Tick to have the Boxed Layout
  • Section Padding: Insert the numbers in order of Top Right Bottom Left, Eg: 5px 20px 5px 20px

2. Layout Content

  •     Total items: Input the total amount of items you want to show
  •     Max number of content per row: The number of the categories exhibited on a row, (Eg: 5,3,2 corresponding to the         Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

3. Slider setting

Tick to have

  • Enable Loop:  give you a repeat effect to the product slide
  • Show Arrows

  • Show Dots

4. Section Info

Insert the Heading and Button label name into the Text box

  • Button Link: Choose a item to visit
  • Button style:  Scroll down to choose a style to display (style 1 or 2)