Section style

  • Background image fit: Scroll down to choose a style to fit for Background image ( Auto/ Cover/ Contain)

  • Background image Repeat:  Scroll down to choose a style of Repeat to display for Background image ( No Repeat/ Repeat/ Repeat X/ Repeat Y)
  • Background image Position: Left/ Center/ Right
  • Section margin: Insert numbers in order of Top Right Bottom Left to adjust the margin for the section, Eg: 5px 20px 5px 20px


    Section Label: Name for this whole section (Eg: Categories)

1. Layout

  • Tick to have the Boxed Layout

  • Max number of content per row: The number of the categories exhibited on the row, Eg: 6,4,2 (desktop: 6, mobile: 4, tablet: 2)

  • Tick to enable Hide collection title

2. Section heading

  • Input a Heading and Subheading in the form below:

   Heading:  <span style="font-weight: 400;">SPECIAL  GIFTS</span>

    Subheading: <span class="ff-3">Gifts for Women's Day</span>

  • Choose any color to set for the Heading and Subheading by using the color picker and enter a Font size you want to establish for them
  • Text alignment: Left/ Center/ Right.