When you've selected needed languages, switch to Translations tab to start working on each section.

There are 14 translatable resources: Shop, Product, Collection, Page, Theme, Blog, Article, Delivery method definition, SMS template, Email template, Link, Metafield, Payment gateway and Shop_Policy.

Step 1: Pick a resource to start working on. Click on the dots sign to view more.

Step 2: Choose the specific content to translate. (not required)

  • Not translated: All content that translation fields are blank.
  • Translated: All content that translated fields are filled.
  • All: All available content.

Step 3: Click the arrow button of the field you want it to be translated. The result will show on the right side. You can edit the translation as your preference.

With the HTML, Javascript and CSS content (code type format), the system will ask for your permission before translating. Translate a code format content may cause some issues for the store operation, we suggest checking again after processing.

Step 4: When you're done, remember to Save all changes.